Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ok, so... I'm not so good with the blog updating!

Our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. has come and gone. Wishing I had some super exciting news to report from our holiday, but it was actually the most mellow Christmas holiday I've had in a really long time. Andrew and I celebrated Christmas eve by opening one gift each, while we sipped on some awesome chocolate martinis. Andrew makes the BEST chocolate martinis!

Everyone was pretty spread out this Christmas, including my parents who were in AZ spending Christmas with my step brother and his family. Andrew's brother spent the holiday with his wife, Kimber and her family. Andrew and I had his parents over at our house Christmas morning exchanged ours gifts on Christmas morning and then we headed to the Madonna Inn to share a wonderful early Christmas dinner with Andrew's parents, his grandparents and his aunt and uncle. If you've never been to the Madonna Inn during the Christmas holiday, it's definitely a site to see!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Andrew made that chocolate martini?? I am so coming over to your house to try one!

  2. He sure did! He makes the best! We have all the fixin's to make more, so come over!